30 janvier 2017

felted slippers / chaussons feutrés

As my mum was telling me a couple of hours ago on the phone, it's high time I present you what I've made in terms of Christmas presents! And there were a few things! This year it was definitely the felted slippers year! No? You didn't notice? Well it was!!!!I got the idea I don't know where, probably from inside my head! I wanted to make warm slippers for my sis, but didn't like the concept where you buy leather soles and attack your knitting to it (maybe that's not clear… oh well!). I thought about felted slippers and was a bit lost... [Lire la suite]
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27 novembre 2015

Gingerbread garland / Guirlande de pain d'épices

I could just eat this little guy! Je pourrais le croquer, ce petit bonhomme ! And those, aren't they cute??? I used the pattern provided by Cutesy Crafts. Et ceux-là, ne sont-ils pas mignons ??? J'ai utilisé le patron de Cutesy Crafts.
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26 novembre 2015

Christmas ornaments / Décorations de Noël

Here's my latest batch of christmassy little felt things: reindeers, trees, hearts, a little owl, and even a stocking!Well done me, now I'm craving some some gingerbread… Voici ma dernière fournée en date de petite choses feutrées de Noël : des rennes, des sapins, des cœurs, un petit hibou, et même une chaussette !C'est malin, maintenant j'ai envie de pain d'épices…
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24 novembre 2015

Christmas sugary owls / Hiboux sucrés de Noël

Guys, it's official, I'm a PTA Mom! With other parents, we've just created the village school's Parents' association and the first event we organise is a Christmas market that will take place on December 6th (so soon!). Of course I couldn't resist sewing things for the association to sell. Here's a first batch: sugary owls. Avec d'autres parents, nous avons créé l'association de parents d'élèves de l'école de notre village et on l'a appelée l'École Buissonnière. La première manifestation qu'on organise pour avoir des sousous... [Lire la suite]
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10 avril 2015

Fox softie / Doudou renard

I couldn't resist! I got inspired by the fabrics on the baby quilt and just had to make a fox softie for this baby!As I couldn't find a free pattern that suited me, I invented one. And because I'm a very nice person, I give it to you, no strings attached, except that I'd love to see your creations, so please send me a picture!). It's HERE! Je n'ai pas pu résister !Les motifs des tissus de la couverture de naissance m'ont inspirée et après, j'étais foutue : obligée de faire un doudou renard pour ce bébé !Comme je n'ai pas réussi à... [Lire la suite]
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