18 juillet 2014

4 new pages! / 4 pages de plus !

I couldn't find time to take pictures before, but I managed to sew a few more pages for Raphaelle's quiet book.The first one is the "tie your laces" page for which I found the pattern on a blog called Pops and Podge.Then there is the "laundry page". The left page I got on Stephanie's blog, Imagine our life and the right page was inspired by one I found on The quiet book blog, but I don't know where!Finally, I made up the "zip your coat page". This was really my scary page as it was only the second time I was sewing a zipper, and... [Lire la suite]
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12 juillet 2014

Satchel & letters / Cartable et lettres

Here's a page I'm really proud of because I invented it! On the left, there's a satchel (for which you have the tutorial and templates here) that contains letters that spell out my little girl's name, mum and dad (well… in French of course!). Each word has its own color so that it is a bit easier and each letter has a "scratchy" velcro bit at the back. The right page has 3 strips of "soft" velcro to stick the letters on. I like everything about this page: it turned out exactly as planned, and the colors are really "happy"! And my... [Lire la suite]
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12 juillet 2014

quiet book: weaving / livre en tissu : tissage

This page is really easy to make. I just cut 1 inch strips of felt and sewed them on the top and on the left side of the page.There may be a lot of strips for her young age (she's 3) but she'll manage it later. And maybe, just maybe, as she will have trouble doing it, she'll be quiet for a longer moment? One can only hope…   Cette page est vraiment très facile à réaliser. J'ai juste coupé des bandes de feutrine de 2 cm et je les ai cousues en haut et sur le côté gauche de la page.Il y a peut-être un peu beaucoup de bandes pour... [Lire la suite]
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11 juillet 2014

quiet book: counting page / livre en tissu : je compte

Here's a page I copied from the blog Serving Pink Lemonade, who nicely provides free templates. I only altered the flower pot (in which you can put the petals!) and embroidered the numbers instead of cutting them in felt (that was easier for me).I traced the outline of the petals with a fabric permanent marker (if I had had time I would have prefered embroidering it for a better look).I used sticky velcro at the back of the petals. As it is, the petals stay in place on the felt fower with only the "scratchy" velcro part at the back,... [Lire la suite]
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04 juillet 2014

My 1st quiet book / Mon 1er livre d'activité

I've been toying with the quiet book idea for some time. It all started aboute a year ago on Pinterest (what doesn't?), I was looking for felt toys patterns and providentially fell in quiet book wonderland! As soon as I discovered its existence, I knew I would make one for my daughter. A few weeks ago, I explained the concept to my husband, who immediately started nagging me every couple of days to actually make one before we leave on holidays in the middle of July. He instantly felt the quiet book great power to occupy our daughter... [Lire la suite]
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04 juillet 2014

Raphaelle's bolero / Le boléro de Raphaëlle

Recently I've been willing to make a dent in my yarn stash which has got out of control! For once, it's not my fault: I've been given my grandma's stash when she died and my mom's ex-neighbour gave her her own mother's stash because her mother was moving out of her place and she knew my mom to be a knitter. Well, my mom doesn't knit anymore, due to carpal tunnel problems, so she gave it all to me! Here's the first result of my "stash attack": a little summer bolero for my daughter, adapted from a winter pattern (thinner wool + the... [Lire la suite]
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26 juin 2014

For me? You didn't have to! / C'est pour moi ? Il ne fallait pas…

Yes, you did!!! Here's the first of a series of presents to me from… me! I felt like I really deserved something nice after all those months working non-stop, and my dear husband has just spent quite a large amount of money on sneakers… so there! This parcel here is from one of my favourite online shops, ma petite mercerie. They have a gorgeous and extensive fabric selection, a very wide range of notions and ribbons and never fail to send a little present to keep me happy! Today I received felt, cotton prints, colourful velcros... [Lire la suite]
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26 juin 2014

Bon désolée de l'absence de la deuxième comparse mais je suis vraiment denbordee ces derniers temps ( Ben oui faire mumuse avec son iPad ça prend du temps ... Lol ) mais je vais vous mettre justement quelques dessins fait avec sketches, une appli sympa...
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21 juin 2014

Lavender project / Projet lavande

For once, I managed to remember to cut my lavender at the right time to dry it so as to make lavender sachets in the near future. Because last Chrismas, I wanted to make the aforementioned sachets for my sister but had no dry lavender so I had to buy some of tose perfumed little pot-pourri grains… which is a downright shame when you know that I have not one, not two, not three, but FOUR ginormous lavender plants in my garden! So there, in your face, last year me, today I cut some of it (you have to cut it just before the first... [Lire la suite]
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12 juin 2014

La vengeance du porte-monnaie rétro

Voici le dernier né, un petit porte-monnaie réalisé pour ma maman pour la fête des mères. L'extérieur est en simili cuir et l'intérieur est un tissu d'ameublement satiné qui est piqué de dentelles. Pour une fois, j'ai réalisé moi-même le patron. Un de ces jours, quand j'aurai un peu le temps, je ferai un tutoriel pour expliquer comment faire son propre patron à partir de n'importe quel fermoir ancien. Ce n'est pas si compliqué : il suffit d'avoir essayé et d'avoir râté plusieurs fois !
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