21 mars 2015

Newborn hat tutorial / Tuto bonnet de naissance

Yes, I am a generous soul! And this why I'm going to give you a tutorial to knit a newborn hat in the round, for free! Oui, je suis de nature très généreuse ! La preuve, je vais vous donner un tuto pour tricoter en rond un bonnet de naissance, comme ça, gratos !   The hat is knitted in Phildar Pilou + yarn, in the round with five 4 mm double pointed needles.To determine how many stitches you need at the beginning, mesure you gauge so as to get 28 cm (11 inches) at the base of the hat. Cast on 68 stitches and spread them on... [Lire la suite]
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17 mars 2015

The crib is ready! / Le berceau est prêt !

I just wanted to show you the wonderfully beautiful crib that has been used in my family for all the babies born in the last 30 years. As I'm 31, I didn't get to sleep in it, but I'm sure it's very comfy too!You see all that immaculate white embroidered fabric? The only problem with this crib is that you have to sew all this on the structure and unsew it every time you want to clean it. And it takes A. LONG. TIME.But the result is gorgeous, so it's all worth it, isn't it? Je voulais juste vous montrer le sublimissime berceau qui a... [Lire la suite]
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12 mars 2015

Un château ...

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12 mars 2015

Petits dessins sur kraft...

Quelques gribouillages pour passer le temps... 3fois rien mais ça fait son petit effet...    
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12 mars 2015

knit collection / Tricot forever

The knitting fever continues! I don't know about you, but I find it so relaxing to knit sitting comfortably sitting on the sofa by the fire while watching TV with my guy… How could I ever stop? J'ai toujours la fièvre trioteuse ! Je ne sais pas vous, mais je trouve ça hyper relaxant de tricoter en étant confortablement installée dans mon canapé près du feu tout en regardant la télé avec mon homme… Pourquoi s'arrêter ? Here's a winter coat for Baby in 9-12 months, all in garter stitch, knitted in one piece starting from a sleeve. I... [Lire la suite]
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19 février 2015

Nouvelles statues en argile

Voici les dernières :  
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19 février 2015

Autre pochette... Pas en ski, c'est moins de saison...

Et oui, dans la foulée, une autre... Pas le même thème, me direz-vous ? Et ben siiiiiii L'origine du tissu des petits zoisos : ma cops l'autre boutiqueuse encore ( et encore merci, il est trop beau ! ) Ok, c'était pas facile à trouver pour les non avertis.... Sans rancune!?   
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19 février 2015

La pochette en ski (c'est de saison...)

Bon, doucement doucement je bricole un peu.... voici le resultat de mes essais avec le simili cuir argenté ( hiiiii je craque pour le côté girly, et oups, mais qui donc m'a offert ce trop mimi coupon de tissu avec des petits enfants gourmands ???? Ah ah ah , mais une autre boutiqueuse bien sur !!!!)  
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17 février 2015

knitted baby sack / nid d'ange en laine

Hey my wonderfully amazing readers!(Yes, I have a favour to ask…) Yes, I am going to bore you with yet another baby knit! But this time, I have a good reason for it.I've knitted this baby sack for my future baby in bright and happy colours. I'm particularly pleased with the colour combination and the ireegular stripes, but as you can see, I left a fairly big white stripe in the upper-middle part and I don't know what to do with it. Here's where YOU come in handy, because (hopefully) you're going to help me decide. Originally, I... [Lire la suite]
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17 février 2015

Fabric photo album tutorial / Album photo en tissu, le tuto

I'm so happy to finally share this project with you! Mainly because this means that it's finished and sent to its rightful owner… You see, between the Christmas holidays, the crazy Christmas handmade giftmaking race and my pregnancy, I've fallen totally behind on some projects that I really care about. This fabric photo album was meant for my friend Annabelle's son's 1st birthday, which was… on December 22nd, and I only managed to finish it last week! Shame on me! Fortunately, it's not likely little Leo will hold it against me, thank... [Lire la suite]
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