17 août 2016

Sewing kit/Nécessaire à couture

I always watch Anne's knitting/sewing podcasts, and in one of them, she had the idea of creating a thread in her Ravelry group to help people find NSPs (Non Secret Pals). The concept is quite simple (and not new, I know!!): you find someome with roughly the same interests as you and you send each other gifts. Sort of like a swap, but you do it regularly.I really wanted to try that, so I went to the thread and found myself a great NSP!!!! Our first swap was to take place at the end of July. We had decided on a small parcel with... [Lire la suite]
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07 août 2016

You ou ukulele !!!!

mon nouveau trip... le ukulele !!! plus simple que la guitare et tellement sympa !!!
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07 août 2016

des trousses des trousses ... à offrir parce que j'en ai déjà plein !!!

petite aprèm couture avec une autre copine "boutiqueuse" qui habite plus près que la boutiqueuse number one !   a cherché la trousse parfaite. En chemin on en a trouvé plein... mais on cherche encore celle qui sera parfaite !!!    
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