25 octobre 2014

Wrap along / Robe portefeuille

This is the first dress I sew for me. It's not perfect, but it's wearable, and I'm satisfied. I still have a lot of progress to make with sewing knits (I don't own a serger and it's only the 3rd knit item I sew) and with choosing the right size for me in the pattern (here I should have gone for a smaller size for the bodice and the sleeves but it's not the case with my lower area!). I've made this dress as part of the wrap along organized by the curvy sewing collective, a blog written by very talented curvy seamstresses where you can... [Lire la suite]
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09 octobre 2014

Toulouse craft fair / salon Tendances créatives de Toulouse

Today was just like one day in heaven… or what heaven looks like to me anyway: I learned a new craft (felting), I shopped in the biggest craft shop I've ever seen (actually dozens of different little shop specializing in different things, please check out Odile Bailloeul, fabric designer) and met someone amazingly talented and super-nice (Sylvie Ladame, textile artist and felting instructor), all that with my friend Elke from Wool, Me & More! Je viens de passer la journée au paradis… enfin dans ce qui pour moi ressemble au... [Lire la suite]
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06 octobre 2014

Knit tunic / Tunique en jersey

Right after the huge success of the knit leggings, I decided to try my hands on a tunic to go with them. It turned out great but I really can't let my daughter wear the two together: it looks too muche like she's got her jim jams on! Today she's wearing the tunic with grey leggings and it's a much better look! The pattern of the tunic comes from this japanese book, it was a dress but I didn't have enough fabric left after the leggings so I had to shorten it. I really like how it turned out, it's got a lot of flare.   Après le... [Lire la suite]
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